The A's Proposed Stadium Looks Hilariously Like World-Famous Building

One observer said the resemblance was so great, they'd sue for copyright infringement.

The Oakland A’s are not relocating to another hemisphere, but it sure looked like it on Tuesday.

The team released renderings of its proposed stadium in Las Vegas, and it looks conspicuously like the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

The franchise is hoping the planned $1.5 billion project will be its home in 2028, Associated Press reported.

But in the meantime, X users are cracking wise on a complex that looks more appropriate for arias than ERAs.

Here’s the iconic Sydney Opera House:

The Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Opera House
gionnixxx via Getty Images

And here’s the A’s Sin City version:

“If I were the Sydney Opera House I’d sue for copyright infringement,” one critic wrote.

And there was plenty of other commentary on the similarity:

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