18 Adorable Backpacks For Kids And Preschoolers

From mermaids to dinosaurs, your little learner will love these colorful and fun designs.
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Nordstrom and Amazon
The North Face kids' Sprout backpack and a shark backpack set from Amazon.

Back-to-school season is here, and with it, a multitude of supplies checklists and tasks to make sure your little ones start the year off right. And if you have a preschooler or kindergartner heading to school for the first time, the lists are exponentially longer, as you may be buying certain supplies for the first time. But even though pencils, folders, crayons and an extra set of clothes may be at the top of your shopping list, the one thing your preschooler needs to carry these things is a backpack.

When picking out a backpack for your little learner, getting the right size can make all the difference. You don’t want it to be too big, essentially turning them into a turtle, but you also want it to be large enough to fit the necessities. But if your child is obsessed with unicorns or deep down believes they are part shark, finding a backpack for school that shows off their favorite interests is pretty easy as many on the market come in fun designs and colors.

And aside from the aesthetic of the bag matching their personality, you also want their backpack to be able to hold up for even the roughest of toddlers and school days.

Below, we rounded up 18 cute and highly-rated backpacks for preschoolers and young kids that they’ll never want to take off.

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Skip Hop llama backpack
For animal- and specifically llama-lovers alike, this mammal-themed backpack will be a winner for your little one. The mesh side pocket adjusts to fit their juice box, water bottle or sippy cup, and the front pocket fits snacks, wipes and other small preschool supplies. It's 12 inches high and comes in other animal styles including dinosaurs, koalas, sharks, unicorns, bees, dogs and foxes.

Promising review: "My granddaughter looks adorable with her llama backpack heading to preschool. It is the right size for a three- or four-year-old yet has plenty of space for the items she carries back and forth to school, around town, and she even wore it with her travel snacks and games on a plane ride." — GS Crouch
The North Face kids' Sprout backpack
Decorated all over with cute critters, this small backpack is a must-have school accessory. It has adjustable straps, side mesh bottle pockets, an exterior zip pocket for supplies and a roomy main compartment. It's 11 inches tall.

Promising review: "This back pack is so adorable for preschool age kiddos. Not to mention the cute prints! My son wants to carry his backpack in just like his older brother so it helps to have a bag that properly fits him. It's easy to open and has quite a bit of space for its size including the ability to carry a Children's Yeti mug in the side pocket without any problem! I'd recommend it to anyone!" — Kayla
L.L. Bean
L.L. Bean junior book pack
For your first time student, this backpack (the smaller version of the original) is built to last the whole school year, thanks to its durable materials. It's waterproof and has a ton of room to fit a lunch box, crayons, an extra set of clothes and a folder for important papers. It also has a a mesh side pocket for a water bottle. It is 14.5 inches high and comes in red, blue, green and pink.

Promising review: "Perfect for my 3 year old toddler to use to start school. We will use this one until he outgrows and will transition to the larger one just like this one!" — Dana M
Deuter Kikki kids' backpack
A rather unique take on a kiddie backpack, this Deuter bag is sure to stand out at drop-off and pick-up. It's designed to look like a friendly bear and has a ton of kid-friendly features. The 14-inch-high bag has padded shoulder straps, a chest strap for extra security and a breathable back that promotes airflow. Options include green, red, blue and pink.

Promising review: "Purchased this adorable backpack for my daughter’s outdoor preschool program and it’s been perfect. It’s just the right size for a 3 year old to carry a little lunch, change of clothes, extra shoes and water bottle. Love that the back is reinforced to help keep the proper position on little backs and shoulders. The clips are easy enough for little fingers to maneuver. She has plenty of room to grow into it too - I imagine this will last until she’s 5 or 6." — Doris P.
State Bags
State Bags' Kane Kids canvas backpack
Recommended for kids in kindergarten through third grade, this stylish water-resistant backpack will instantly become your child's favorite school accessory. It fits a standard school folder, books and even a laptop up to 13 inches in the main compartment. The bag is 15 inches high and comes in a variety of styles.

Promising review: "We love the Kane Kids backpack! Each of my three kiddos have one and the oldest two backpacks are going on three years old a piece… I don’t think there are any signs of visible wear and tear! Everything washes very easily when the inevitable kid stains happen." — J.C.
A shark backpack and lunch box set
The standout feature of this shark-themed backpack is that it comes with a matching insulated lunch bag to fit your child's favorite snacks and sandwiches. Both the backpack and lunch box are made of a water-resistant material and have reinforced stitching to stand the test of (play)time. Other styles include dinosaurs, cars and outer space.

Promising review:
"I waited until the school year finished before writing this review. This backpack and lunch kit looks like new after one year of use by a four year old in PreK. No rips, no tears no damage. I never washed it in the machine- I wiped it down with Clorox wipes. We plan to use it again this coming school year so I might wash it in the machine and air dry before school starts. I highly recommend it." — Threetooltrader
A backpack fit for a unicorn lover
Whether your kid told you they want a unicorn for Christmas or insists on having the mythical creature printed all over their walls, they will be happy if you send them to school with this backpack. It comes in two sizes: 12 liters, which is 14.5 inches tall, and 7 liters, which is 12 inches tall. Other styles include floral cats, rainbow unicorns, bunnies, cars and camo dinosaurs.

Promising review:
"I bought the size 14l for my 20mo old starting preschool this fall. For my older kid, I’ve always bought Pottery Barn Kids backpacks, they are durable and good looking. This size bag is very close in size to a PBK small backpack. The design is slightly different but the fabric, stitching, zippers, etc. are very similar. This one was more reasonable cost wise and it’s perfect for preschool." — shabbybook
A mermaid-themed backpack
Let your child channel their inner Ariel with this mermaid scales backpack. It has multiple pockets to store small items and a separate laptop compartment. It is 14 inches tall and is made of water-resistant material. Other styles include purple galaxy, pink cacti, pink strawberries and green tie dye.

Promising review: "
My daughter is 10 and has a very small frame. We always struggle buying backpacks because they are all too large and hang down too low. This is perfect!! The straps have extra padding on them which make the backpack very comfortable. I would buy this 100 times again. Great back pack for younger kids!" — Danielle
A sports-themed Bentgo backpack
This sporty backpack has a built-in insulated lunch bag (it fits Bentgo lunch boxes) and roomy compartments to store school supplies. The backpack is 16.5 inches long and comes with padded shoulder straps and an optional chest strap for additional support. And it's super easy to clean, as you just need to spot clean it with mild detergent and rinse with a clean cloth. Other styles include mermaid scales, tropical flamingos, sharks, rainbows and monster trucks.

Promising review: "
I bought this backpack for my 4 year old whole she is in preschool. It is spacious, very easy to keep clean and adorable! I love that her lunch stays upright under the backpack to prevent any leaks. The cinched water bottle holder on the side holds all of her assorted water bottles without tipping over. 5 stars!" — Mom to three girls
A pink and purple dinosaur backpack
“Dinosaurs galore” is how we would describe this super cute backpack fit for a future archaeologist. It's lightweight, 14.6 inches tall and has water bottle sleeves on each side so your little can stay hydrated at lunch. It's also easy to open and close thanks to the extra long zipper tabs. Other styles include red and black swirls, fruits, astronauts and green dinosaurs.

Promising review: "This is a fantastic backpack for a small child and my preschooler loves it! We ordered the small - it is small enough to fit comfortably on a four year old’s back, but large enough to fit a full size folder (and plenty more). We picked this backpack specifically because of the chest strap, which is a really nice feature that helps it not slip off the child’s shoulders, which would otherwise especially happen when worn over the slippery material of a winter coat. Everything about this backpack is really sturdy and high quality." — Jennifer H
A colorblock backpack
At 15 inches high, this eye-catching backpack is the perfect size for 4- to 6-year-olds. It has an adjustable chest strap, a name tag on the interior in case it gets lost and side water bottle pockets. It's big enough to fit books, notebooks, folders and other essentials your little learner needs for school. Other colorways include black/gray, blue, orange/yellow, navy/red and navy/orange.

Promising review:
"This backpack is the perfect size for my 3.5 year old. We got the 15 inch so he can grow into it. I worried it would be too big, but he loves it (he is an average height I'd say). And it will definitely last a few years. We can fit in his lunch box, change of clothes, water bottle, and his school folder. He is able to do the buckle on the chest himself." — APW
A retro-style backpack
If your child prefers a simpler bag for school this year, opt for this vibrant backpack that is easy to spot in a sea of children. It also weights less than a pound so they can travel through the hallways with ease and comfort. There are multiple pockets and water bottle holders on each side. Other color options include light blue, dark blue, green/blue and red/blue.

Promising review:
"This backpack is the perfect size for my 5 year old. He is a lot taller then most kids his age but is skinny. The backpack fits and falls right where it should without looking like it over takes his entire back. The quality has held up great as well." — Jasmine
A backpack full of daisies
This backpack is 15.5 inches tall and has a built-in laptop pocket. It even comes with a removable yellow plush toy. Other styles include multicolored stripes and orange and white dinosaurs.

Promising review:
"My daughter absolutely loves this Cat & Jack daisy backpack. The color is soft, yet vibrant and the daisies really pop. It is made well and I think it will hold up for a long time. The puff keychain that comes with it is so cute." — Heather
A Minions backpack any kid will go bananas for
Designed for the kid who walks around saying “Minions” phrases, this backpack puts the animated characters front and center. At 16 inches high, it's more suitable for a taller child. Bob's eye on the backpack serves as an accessory pocket to fit pencils or crayons. The main compartment is ultra-roomy and there's even a separate laptop sleeve.

Promising review:
"I got this minions backpack for my middle son who is almost 4 years old to match his minions lunch bag. My son adores minions so much, he was super excited when he saw it as a surprise. He loved all the compartments it had for him. For now it's a great fit for him for backup clothes, school supplies, and even a place for his lunch bag in there so that he doesn't have to carry it out a lot. I highly recommend it, as it's been holding out well for my son. It seems very durable and should last a good preschool year." — Marisha5
A blue camo backpack
At 16 inches tall and boasting a ton of fun design options, this backpack is ideal for elementary schoolers. It has two zippered compartments to fit folders, books, homework and notebooks. Other styles include green dinosaurs, cars and planes, construction and fish.

Promising review:
"My son picked this out himself, and he loves it! He can easily zip and un-zip the pockets, and he can fit the matching lunch box inside the backpack, too. He wanted a camo print, and I like the blue color he chose. Fits him perfect! Great adjustable straps!" — Lilea
A tie-dye backpack with a matching lunch box
You can cross "lunch box" off your back-to-school shopping list when you buy this backpack, as it comes with a matching insulated lunch bag. The backpack has a zip-up pouch to store small items and a main compartment to fit books, folders, binders and notebooks. Other styles include an array of tie dye designs, watermelons and butterflies.

Promising review:
"I bought this backpack and matching lunch bag for my youngest daughter and she loves them. They're both very well-made and easy to clean. I'm extremely glad that there's an inside pocket to protect a Chromebook if she needs to travel with it (came really handy for when she went back to in-person school, but was still partially online)." — Kelly L.
A compact backpack covered in unicorns
Meet the perfect bag for preschoolers. It's water-resistant and only 11.8 inches high, designed for light days and not a ton of homework. The main compartment is big enough to fit a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Other styles include colorful dinosaurs, pandas, dogs and mermaids.

Promising review:
"My 3 yr old daughter loves this little back pack for preschool. It’s the perfect size for her because she is petite for her age. It fits her bag of crayons, glue, scissors, and then her notebook and a change of clothes perfectly without being too bulky or heavy for her and the material is not cloth so it’s easily wiped off with a wipe to clean messes. Also good quality for a rough toddler!" — Amazon customer
A space-themed backpack
Every aspiring astronaut needs a backpack to match. This 16-inch option features rocket ships and space-themed phrases on the front. It also has reflective tape on the shoulders and on the exterior side storage pockets so you can spot your little ones even on dark, gloomy mornings or afternoons.

Promising review:
"I needed a backpack that will have enough space to carry sheets, blanket and a set of spare dress for daycare. Wanted it to be lightweight too so as to not strain a 4 year old's shoulders. This is a perfect fit. After filling in all the above mentioned too, the bag felt very light and had more room for more things. The rocket and space theme was an instant hit. The label on the inside is also very useful to add names when sending to daycare. Go for it. Totally worth the money." — Arthi

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