Back-Scratching On Trees Is A Blissful Bear Necessity Of Life

Oooh yeah, that feels good!

“Some itches just have to be scratched.”

So said British naturalist Sir David Attenborough in a satisfying new clip from the BBC. And boy, was he right.

In the “Planet Earth II” segment, which aired in the United Kingdom on Sunday night, bears twerked up and down on their favorite tree trunks to help shed their winter coats.

The bears even taught their cubs the gratifying tricks of the trade in the clip, which was filmed in the Rocky Mountains. The moves were in stark contrast to the heart-stopping footage broadcast in the previous week’s episode, in which racer snakes chased after a hatchling iguana.

As a bonus, BBC producers also remixed the bear-scratching video to the sound of Pussycat Dolls track “Don’t Cha.”

Watch that below:

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