Bernie Sanders Just Shut Down Trump With A Brutal Reality Check


If President Donald Trump is in need of an ego boost on Saturday, Twitter may not be the place to find it.

The president was slapped with a scalding reality check, compliments of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), after suggesting his supporters have their own rally.

“It would be the biggest of them all!” Trump proclaimed on Twitter Saturday.

Exciting idea, except that Trump had a rally just last month, for Inauguration Day, as Sanders reminded him.

“They did. It wasn’t,” Sanders smartly snapped.

Sanders, backing up his pointed statement, shared side-by-side photos showing Trump’s patchy inauguration crowd compared with what appears to be the Women’s March on Washington, which took place a day later.

Crowd-counting experts have said the women’s march drew three times more people than Trump’s swearing-in.

Adding some sizzle to Sanders’ burn, Trump’s tweet got 83,000 likes and 19,000 retweets as of Saturday afternoon, which may seem “yuge,” but not compared with Sanders, whose tweet earned 152,000 likes and 61,000 retweets.


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