Boston Bombing Skeptic Stella Tremblay Questions 'If' Double Amputee Jeff Bauman Was Hurt

The New Hampshire state legislator who has claimed the federal government is responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing wants to visit a bombing victim who lost both his legs to see if he was in fact hurt in the attack.

State Rep. Stella Tremblay (R-Auburn) said Friday morning on "The Dennis and Callahan Show" on WEEI-FM, a sports radio station in Boston, that she wants to visit bombing victim Jeff Bauman to check on his injuries. Earlier this week, Tremblay told a conservative talk show host that she questioned why Bauman was not "screaming in agony" right after the bombing.

"I would love to go and visit Jeff. I would like to go and apologize to him ... if he was hurt," Tremblay told the Boston radio hosts. "The fact is that I did not understand everything that was going on."

The hosts questioned Tremblay about why she would question Bauman's injuries, to which she answered, "I don't know" whether Bauman had been injured. The host said, "You're kidding." She then offered a line of reasoning similar to one she espoused earlier this week.

"Did you see the bone sticking out?" she said. "If it was me and I cut something little on my hand, I'd be screaming in agony. I would be screaming in agony with that pain. My heart goes out to him, I would like to go see him."

In her previous statement about Bauman, she cited her sister's agreement with her as support for her doubts. Tremblay hung up Friday morning after repeated questioning about Bauman.

Tremblay, a second-term legislator with ties to the tea party and birther movements, made headlines last week when she posted on Glenn Beck's Facebook page an assertion that the federal government was behind the bombing. She has cited as evidence a video she saw on conspiracy website Infowars, along with a YouTube video by a man claiming to be retired Army Lt. Col. Roy Potter, which also claim that the federal government caused the attack. In his video, Potter says the attack was an attempt to cover up a pending indictment of President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush for war crimes, as well as to distract markets from a drop in the price in gold.

Tremblay has resisted calls to resign.

At the start of her segment on the radio show Friday, the hosts asked Tremblay, "Are you insane?" To which she responded, "I don't think so." She also said that she does not want the FBI to handle the bombing investigation, but would prefer it be conducted by an "unbiased" group. She suggested Maricopa Co., Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "cold case posse" take charge.

"I don't know if it's an inside job, but I want to find out," Tremblay said.



GRAPHIC WARNING: Boston Marathon explosion