Cara Delevingne Just Confirmed That This Superstar Was At Taylor Swift's 4th Of July Bash

Now we have even more FOMO from this party.

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Cara Delevingne appeared on “The Late Late Show” with James Corden Wednesday night, and besides dominating the mic-drop rap battle, she also dropped major bombs about Taylor Swift’s famed 4th of July party.

The party will go down in history as the first time Swift’s new beau Tom Hiddleston publicly got down with the squad. While innocently telling the late-night host a story about the weekend, Delevingne also confirmed Kesha’s attendance.

Kesha and Swift were first linked when Swift donated $250,000 to support Kesha’s ongoing legal battle with former manager Dr. Luke, but the two have not publicly acknowledged a friendship nor have they been seen out together. Eagle-eyed fans spotted a blonde in a photo that Swift’s pal Abigail Anderson shared from the weekend whom they believed to be Kesha, but it wasn’t confirmed until Delevingne shared her story of how she pranked the “TiK ToK” singer.

While Kesha and the Haim sisters were bunking on Swift’s “creepy” top floor, Delevingne teamed up with Ruby Rose and Uzo Aduba to create a “ghost crew” to scare the other guests.

The elaborate prank, which included “torches, speakers, and sound affects” took quite a bit of planning before they embarked on their mission at 4 a.m. Delevingne also revealed that she took the precaution of alerting the weekend’s hosts of what was about to go down.

“We told Taylor and Tom because the security is massive so we didn’t want to get shot,” she said.

However, the prank “took a bit of a turn for the worse” after Kesha and the Haim sisters nearly called the police. 

“Which is funny because you’re like, ‘I love that you would call the police if you think there’s a ghost outside your house,’ like, that’s why there should be real Ghostbusters, just in case,” said Delevingne.

The trio got so into pranking Kesha that they woke up Swift and Hiddleston, who came upstairs to see Uzo holding a candle in front of her face and Delevingne “throwing [herself] on the floor, punching things,”

“And they were like, ‘we’re just gonna go back downstairs, darling, leave this scene,’” said Delevingne.



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