CNN Fact-Checker Nails ‘Unique’ Aspect Of Donald Trump’s Latest Lies

Daniel Dale broke down why Trump's latest untruths are unprecedented to "CNN Tonight" host Don Lemon.

CNN’s fact-checking reporter Daniel Dale on Monday noted the “unique” aspect of Donald Trump’s dishonest claims about the Ukraine scandal and the impeachment inquiry into the president.

Dale told “CNN Tonight” host Don Lemon ― as a list of 45 untruths that Trump has told about the scandal and the inquiry scrolled down the screen ― they were unprecedented “because of how comprehensively Trump is lying here.”

“If you fact-check Trump, or just watch Trump, you know that he lies about basically every subject,” said Dale.

“What’s unique about the Ukraine story is that he’s lying about basically every individual component of the story,” he continued. “So he’s not sprinkling in lies here and there, and mixing them up with platitudes and the stuff that’s true.”

“Everything he’s saying about his dealings with Ukraine, about the Bidens’ dealings with Ukraine, about the whistleblower, about Schiff, about the impeachment process. It’s all wrong, all the time,” Dale concluded.

Check out the clip here:

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