23 Crazy-Fine Asian Dudes Who Don't Conform To Western Standards Of Hotness

You're welcome.

Let’s face it: When it comes to who is considered “hot,” we tend to default to traditional Eurocentric and Western standards. We’re talking narrow noses, large, non-almond-shaped eyes and pale skin. 

For men of Asian descent, that means their good looks too often go overlooked. Asian guys are rarely cast as male romantic leads in movies or TV; as Netflix’s “Iron Fist” showed us, they frequently get passed over for white guys. They have more difficulty finding dates online than other racial groups ― and get called undateable by the likes of Steve Harvey. (Remember when the TV host laughed at the idea of white women finding Asian dudes attractive? Yeah, who could forget.) 

We’re here to call out all that B.S. There’s one reason Asian men shouldn’t have to conform to Western standards of masculinity and hotness: They’re sexy as hell on their own. 

Below, 23 guys who are upending ideas about what it means to be attractive and masculine by sheer virtue of their good looks. (For part one of this clearly riveting series on hot Asian men, head here.

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