Critics Aren't Buying Dr. Deborah Birx's Excuses About How Trump Administration Handled COVID-19

She was an "officer on the bridge" of the Titanic, not a passenger, one critic said.

Critics aren’t buying the reasons Dr. Deborah Birx gave about why she didn’t speak up and help save hundreds of thousands of lives from COVID-19 during the Trump administration.

Brix was also bashed in a statement Monday by former President Donald Trump, who called her a “proven liar” with “bad instincts and faulty recommendations, which I fortunately almost always overturned.”

Birx, who was Trump’s COVID-19 response coordinator, revealed in a CNN documentary Sunday that the current death toll of 545,000 could have been significantly lower had messaging from the White House been consistent about the dangers of the pandemic. Birx indicated that she was intimidated by Trump to not speak out more forcefully and referred to an “uncomfortable” and “very difficult to hear” phone call from him after she spoke about the dangerous spread of COVID-19 on CNN.

Critics accused Birx of enabling Trump when he deliberately misled the public about coronavirus as well as about what actions should have been taken. Several critics reposted clips of Birx gushing last year over Trump’s grasp of COVID-19, sayings his skill at analyzing business data helped him to get down to the “granularity” of the disease:

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