Donald Trump Is Reportedly Working Out Of A Converted Bridal Suite At Mar-A-Lago

The ex-president's office is a repurposed dressing room above the Florida resort's ballroom, reported CNN.

Former President Donald Trump has converted a bridal suite at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, into his office, CNN reported Wednesday.

“When you see these photos surfacing now of him meeting with candidates and former aides down there, those are actually being taken from the bridal suite above Mar-a-Lago’s ballroom, which is now serving as his office,” reporter Gabby Orr told the network’s “New Day.”

The room was where the bride and their party “would previously get ready if they were getting married” at the resort, Orr added.

Orr, citing unnamed sources at Mar-a-Lago, said “nothing was set up” for Trump or his aides when he vacated the White House and moved to Florida on Jan. 20. He was initially “reluctant to turn it into his office, but ultimately aides said, ‘You need a space to operate at’ and so that became that space.”

The Washington Post reported on the bridal suite-turned-office detail in February.

Trump’s new office “is the Mar-a-Lago Club’s old bridal suite” and he is “working from a repurposed dressing room in Florida,” read an article detailing the economic hit to Trump’s businesses following his presidency.

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