Astrophysicist Shoots Down Donald Trump's Bonkers 'Natural Instinct For Science' Boast

A professor broke down why Trump's wild brag can't possibly be true.

Astrophysicist Katherine J. Mack took President Donald Trump to task after he boasted about having a “natural instinct for science.”

Trump, who says global warming is a hoax and has worked to purge government scientists, made the bizarre brag during an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday. Mack, an assistant professor at North Carolina State University, shot down Trump’s assertion with this tweet:

“There is no ‘natural instinct for science,’” she wrote. “This is not a thing.”

There is “curiosity,” “exploration” and “the desire to learn & grow & test one’s naive notions against cold hard data,” Mack pointed out. But “believing in a ‘natural instinct for science’ is anathema to everything science is.”

“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert also hit Trump for the baseless claim:

As did James Corden on “The Late Late Show.”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo had this to say:

And naturally, people on Twitter chimed in: