Donald Trump Goes On Wild Retweet Rampage Over Firefighter Union's Biden Endorsement

The president came unstuck when one account he retweeted changed its profile name to "F**k Donald Trump."

President Donald Trump is really not happy about a firefighters union’s endorsement of Democratic 2020 rival Joe Biden.

Trump went on a wild retweeting rampage on Wednesday in response to the International Association of Fire Fighters’ announcement backing the former vice president.

The president began his online freakout by sharing NRATV host Dan Bongino’s claim that “NONE of the Firemen” I know are supporting Biden.

Trump then retweeted around 60 posts praising him and criticizing Biden. Some were from accounts with just a handful of followers.

He also shared a post from an account that later reportedly changed its profile name to “Fuck Donald Trump.”

Harold Schaitberger, the Fire Fighters union president, said in an announcement video Monday that Biden “rises above” the other Democratic candidates.

Joe’s a lot like our firefighters,” Schaitberger said. “He’s a problem-solver who cares deeply about America and [who’s] committed to making our country better. He’s one of the staunchest advocates for working families. He knows that a strong middle class means a strong America.”

Trump’s initial response to the endorsement was to claim on Twitter that the “Dues Sucking firefighters leadership will always support Democrats, even though the membership wants me.”

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