Donald Trump Tweeted About 'World War Six' And All Hell Broke Loose

"I have to admit that I did not have 'World War Six' on my Donald Trump Bats**ttery Bingo card," one person fired back.

President Donald Trump’s tweet about “World War Six” on Wednesday morning immediately sent people on social media into a meltdown.

Trump tweeted “we would be in World War Six by now” if he had listened to his former national security adviser John Bolton, who reportedly makes the Democrats’ case for his impeachment in his forthcoming book “The Room Where It Happened.”

Critics reminded Trump that he hired Bolton in the first place and suggested his posts showed he feared his former aide being called to testify against him in his Senate impeachment trial.

Responded one: “So, you would have had us fighting in FOUR more world wars before you figured out what the problem was?? For such a great leader, you sure do pick some winners!”

“I woke up to World War Six trending. How long was I asleep?” another fired back as the term went viral.

Check out a sample of the replies below:

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