8 Emerald Engagement Rings Inspired By Megan Fox

Musician Machine Gun Kelly proposed to the actor with a uniquely beautiful ring. Steal the look with these gorgeous stones and bands.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve probably heard that actor Megan Fox and musician Machine Gun Kelly (whose real name is Colson Baker) are affianced. According to Fox’s Instagram post announcing the news, he proposed in Puerto Rico with a diamond and emerald ring, after which they drank each other’s blood. The pair have also made news in recent days with the revelation that Fox’s engagement ring is designed with a band of thorns that are meant to hurt if she tries to remove it. Love ... hurts?

Engagement ring aficionados are thrilled to have gotten a close-up of this uniquely beautiful ring. It’s always fun to catch a glimpse of untraditional engagement rings, and this one is especially quirky.

Supposed painful thorns aside, this original Stephen Webster-designed ring features pear-cut emerald and diamond stones set on magnetic bands. It’s great jewelry inspo for those looking to add a pop of color to their ring repertoire.

Whether you’re planning on getting engaged or simply want to rock an emerald ring, we’ve got you covered. We’ve curated some seriously gorgeous emerald and emerald-like rings that capture the spirit of Fox’s distinctive engagement ring, but starting at $25. Some are similar in shape, while others are more about that emerald essence. But they’re all absolutely gorgeous.

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A vintage-style emerald ring
Snag a vibrant jewel fit for every occasion. This bright emerald is hugged by beautiful diamonds and has an old-world design that is at once timeless and ethereal. It's an investment piece that will become a cherished heirloom.
A raw emerald with a unique band
Capture that thorny look with this twig-like band and raw emerald stone. CharmedCoastJewelry boasts over 10,000 sales and wonderful reviews, so you can look forward to your boho ring arriving as promised.
A dainty emerald-like ring
This small ring from SamiJewels features three delicate stones on either side of green cubic zirconia and is perfect for stacking or wearing alone. It's a low-cost ring that is comparable to selections at more expensive shops.
A tiny baguette
Catbird's super low-profile baguette emerald ring is as delicate as it gets. It has rows of diamonds flanking a baguette emerald, for a truly minimalist look.
A pear-shaped raw emerald stone
Delezhen's beautiful natural ring is perfect for anyone looking for an earthier vibe. The raw emerald stone has a gorgeous texture and brings tons of visual interest to the ring. It's also a relatively low price point (comparatively) with lots of great reviews.
A hexagonal emerald ring
This NewadoJewel hexagonal engagement ring has rave reviews on Etsy. It's perfect for engagement rings or a birthday gift for the May baby in your life.
A delicate emerald-cut vintage ring
If an emerald cut is more your style than an emerald stone, look no further than this gorgeous ring from Aurate. It's a green tourmaline ring with a slightly more grounded feel for those who want an understated look.
A dreamy gold ring
Fully customizable, this statement-making ring calls to mind the supposed thorns that adorn Fox's ring. The pear-cut emerald stone is set in a metal band of your choosing and you can opt for an accompanying smaller ring as well. HswjewelryArt's Etsy shop is highly rated, which is reassuring given the price point.
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