'The Family Circus' Re-Captioned By <em>Onion</em> Writers, Comedians For Charity (PICTURES)

EXCLUSIVE:Writers, Comedians Re-Caption 'Family Circus'

Although Bil Keane's "The Family Circus" has been an institutional comic since the 1960s, it didn't become incredibly funny until the Internet got a hold of it. Now, re-captioning "Family Circus" cartoons has reached its pinnacle level, with The Onion Features Editor Joe Garden compiling an entire book of hilarious captions by hilarious people -- for charity.

"We've been passing Family Circus books around my house and the office for years now because the strip lends itself to re-captioning," Garden explained. "But as the books have gotten more and more full, it seemed weird to just hold on to them. Then when Wisconsin Governor Walker started his naked grab for power at the expense of the middle class in my home state, I wanted to do something to help combat that. And as a comedy nerd, I would be thrilled to have this one-of-a-kind comedy artifact."

The book, full of captions and autographs from the likes of Janeane Garofalo, Todd Barry, Kristen Schaal, Todd Hanson and more is being auctioned off on eBay with all proceeds going towards the Wisconsin Democrats. Bidding has already started on this first book, but Garden will be auctioning off two more books this year, each with different signors and captions; one for the Cambodian Schools Project and a third for Planned Parenthood.

With Garden's permission, we've picked 7 of the book's best pages to show you here. Vote for your favorite and check out the auction page for more info!

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