Florida Bestiality Law Passes On Third Attempt, Awaits Governor's Signature

Florida Bestiality Law Passes On Third Attempt

Florida, your long nightmare is over!

No, I'm not talking about the current reign of your grifter governor -- that's a nightmare of much shorter duration.

At long last, and on its third attempt, the Florida legislature has succeeded in passing an anti-bestiality bill. From the perspective of the folks outraged about what happened to this goat, this is their "Osama bin Laden has been brought to justice."

The bestiality bill (SB 344) bans sexual activity between humans and animals and has been championed for years by Sen. Nan Rich, from Sunrise.

Rich took up the anti-bestiality fight after a number of cases involving sexual activity with animals in recent years, including a Panhandle man who was suspected of accidentally asphyxiating a family goat during a sex act and the abuse of a horse in the Keys. The bill would make such acts a first-degree misdemeanor.

Thus ends a long and frustrating quest for Rich, who has been trying to pass such a law since 2009. It seemed certain that she would prevail on her second attempt, but the measure foundered in Florida's State House of Representatives because lawmakers "said they didn't want to be accused of wasting time addressing a rare crime when Floridians needed them to help create jobs," and that they "also didn't want to debate the icky subject in public meetings occasionally frequented by children."

But today, hooray! Success at last. Hamacher reports that now, "It's up to Gov. Rick Scott to sign off" on the bill. Which means there's still reason to worry, because if there's a governor in America who could screw this up, it's that guy.

(The Florida legislature also passed SB 228, known collectively as the "droopy drawers bill," which mandates that schoolchildren will not be allowed to show "underwear or butt crack." It just goes to show who has powerful and influential lobbies and who doesn't.)

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