Glenn Beck Relaunching The Blaze Once Again

Glenn Beck Is At It Again

Glenn Beck announced on Tuesday that he plans to relaunch his media empire as a global libertarian news network.

Beck said he plans to open three foreign bureaus and launch a half-hour newsmagazine program. He placed photos of MSNBC's Chris Matthews and Fox News' Sean Hannity on a screen and lamented the hyper-partisan nature of cable news, vowing that his network would provide viewers with a libertarian alternative.

Beck recently made headlines after discussing his failed attempt to purchase Current TV from Al Gore last year. Beck said he wanted access to the 40 million homes that Current TV had access to, so called the network to discuss an offer. He said his inquiry was rebuffed within 10 minutes. He joined a chorus of critics who railed against Gore for selling Current TV to the Qatar-based news network Al Jazeera, a broadcaster some believe is anti-American. Beck said that Gore was looking for what he described as an ideologically aligned purchaser, and did not sell to the highest bidder. Al Jazeera reportedly bought Current TV for $500 million.

This is the second rebranding effort since Beck launched his own internet TV news service GBTV in September 2011. In June, Beck announced that he was dropping the name "GBTV" and folding his internet news service into his independently-produced online website, The Blaze. Now Beck is going global as an international libertarian news network.

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