Goats Attack Car In Maine

When Goats Attack!

Call it "Goatz n the Hood." Or in this case, "Goatz on the Hood," as two of the animals recently got loose in Richmond, Maine and did what goats do.

They climbed.

The victim during this particular goat-break was a Ford Focus. The goats enjoyed climbing it so much that they refused to back down, and the car's owner had to call the cops.

A police photo shared on Twitter by the Kennebec Journal shows one of the animals conquering the car:

Apparently the goats got loose from the neighbors’ and were climbing all over his car,” Richmond Police Chief Scott MacMaster told Craig Crosby of the Kennebec Journal.

The goats were fine, the car not so much. It suffered from hoof scratches, and no doubt emotional problems due to the humiliation of being mounted by a pair of goats.

"I guess goats enjoy climbing on cars. It's like play for them," MacMaster told WCVB.

Little does he know... goats enjoy climbing on everything.

Police called the neighbor to take the animals away, and the owner of the car is expected to provide a bill for damages.

The physical damages, anyway. The psychological scars will never fade.

If you're in the Richmond area, be warned. These goats have a track record.

“They have been known to get loose in the past,” MacMaster told the Journal.

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