The Worst Moderator Questions In The GOP 'Kids' Table' Debate

Spying on mosques? Really?

A lot of pressure comes with moderating a presidential debate. People are often just as focused on the questions being asked as they are on the candidates themselves.  

But as we watched the so-called “kids’ table” debate on Thursday night ― the forum held for the seven candidates who didn’t poll high enough to make it into the main event ― we realized that some of the questions asked by moderators Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer were truly terrible. The questions were often poorly phrased, and many revealed the moderators’ obvious political leanings.

From asking candidates whether Donald Trump was “getting the better” of them to posing leading questions about mosques requiring surveillance, absurdity reigned.    

Watch some of Thursday night’s worst questions in the video above. 

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Fox News GOP Debates Aug. 6, 2015
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