Harry Styles Zip Lines In Crosswalk Concert And We're Here For It

The singer embraced James Corden's lunacy in a performance for "The Late Late Show" governed by red lights.

Harry Styles wasn’t going to let moving traffic get in the way of a commanding performance.

A segment from “The Late Late Show” Wednesday (watch it above) featured Styles literally on the streets of Los Angeles giving a concert between red light changes. Host James Corden (who is technically off this week) dubbed it “Crosswalk the Concert,” a tweak of his “Crosswalk the Musical” series.

Styles was an excellent straight man to Corden, passing out flyers from car to car, enduring the misspelling of his name and tolerating gaudy costumes behind him.

But the singer hit new heights when he agreed to zip line across the street.

That’s how a pop star should handle LA traffic!