Jimmy Fallon Trolls Trump And His Legal Team With 'Most Likely' Cause Of Red Hand Marks

The "Tonight Show" had various theories but settled on a mocking movie reference.

Jimmy Fallon on Thursday joined in with the speculation about red marks that were pictured on the hands of former President Donald Trump this week.

The “Tonight Show” host aired a spoof CNN report in which a voice-over suggested that Trump may have “grabbed a hot dog straight off the 7-Eleven rollers,” “touched a Bible” or “got rug burn from Donald Trump Jr.’s leash.”

The “most likely explanation,” though, was Trump “finger-painting the face of his new lawyer, Wilson the volleyball,” the narrator joked, referencing the ever-changing cast of attorneys representing the former president and the inanimate friend of Tom Hanks’ character Chuck Noland in the hit movie “Cast Away.”

Watch Fallon’s full monologue here:

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