Jimmy Kimmel Drafts Up Brutal Jab In Response To Trump House Speaker Talk

The late night host questioned Sean Hannity's choice of words when describing the effort to name Trump speaker.

Jimmy Kimmel made a ferocious dig at Donald Trump while mocking Fox NewsSean Hannity over talk that the former president could be in the running to become House speaker.

Kimmel picked up on Hannity’s poor choice of words after the Fox News host said sources told him House Republicans have “started an effort to draft” Trump to be the next speaker after the ouster of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on Tuesday.

“Did he say draft? Don’t use the word draft. It gives Trump bone spurs,” the late night host said, referring to the alleged bone spurs that kept the former president out of military service during the Vietnam War.

Noting that the Constitution doesn’t say the speaker has to be a member of Congress, Kimmel cut to a clip of Trump being asked if he would take the job on Wednesday. He didn’t rule out the possibility.

“Although, I guess in some ways it makes sense,” Kimmel quipped. “Republicans need a speaker, and the way things are going right now in court, pretty soon Trump might need a house.”

You can watch more of Kimmel’s monologue from Wednesday below.

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