Jimmy Kimmel Spots The Weirdest Moments Of MyPillow Guy’s Big Trump Rally

Mike Lindell's MAGA event didn't exactly go off as planned.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s rallies in support of former President Donald Trump just keep getting weirder, Jimmy Kimmel pointed out on Monday.

Over the weekend, Lindell held another one of his sparsely attended events, this time featuring a video appearance by Trump himself. But one thing that didn’t appear was much of an audience, with attendance falling well below the 30,000 Lindell hoped would turn out.

“Turns out, a bunch of pranksters reserved tickets and never showed up,” Kimmel said, noting that one person reserved 50 tickets under the name Jack Meoff.

“I guess that didn’t send any red flags up,” Kimmel cracked in disbelief.  

And that wasn’t even the strangest moment. Kimmel said a military flyover arranged by Lindell “didn’t go exactly the way he might’ve hoped.” 

See more in Kimmel’s monologue, including another performance by comic James Adomian doing his spot-on impression of the MyPillow guy below: