Jimmy Kimmel Accuses Clothing Company Of 'Stealing Ideas' From His Daughter

The brand, Reformation, said it "would never replicate or appropriate the work of a young artist."
12/19/2017 02:28pm ET
Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Jimmy Kimmel slammed the clothing brand Reformation, claiming it was ripping off T-shirt designs from his 26-year-old daughter, Katie Kimmel.

“Scumbag move by @reformationx stealing ideas from a young artist (who happens to be my daughter @katiekimmel),” the late-night TV host tweeted Monday night, with links comparing Reformation’s designs and his daughter’s work.

Below are shirts and a bag from Katie Kimmel’s personal line, which retail for $25 each. The items feature the names of food dishes, like “Deviled Egg,” “Steak Diane” and “Lava Cake.”

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Katie Kimmel
Katie Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel alleged Reformation ripped off his daughter’s designs for the company’s line of $38 tees, pictured below:


Reformation, in a statement to People, denied copying Katie Kimmel’s designs:

“Graphic word tees, sweatshirts, and jackets have been a part of the Reformation brand and design aesthetic since we launched in 2009. We have a deep respect for artistic integrity and would never replicate or appropriate the work of a young artist, or any artist for that matter.

This T-shirt collection is an extension of our ‘Carb Collection’ that launched in 2015, inspired by the ‘carb’ in ‘carbon emissions,’ as our brand mission is to provide a sustainable way to be fashionable.”

HuffPost’s requests for further comment from Reformation, Jimmy Kimmel and Katie Kimmel weren’t immediately returned.

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