Joe Biden Says He Challenged Donald Trump At Golf, But On One Mocking Condition

The president claimed he even offered the presumptive GOP nominee an unfair advantage when he made the offer in person in 2020.

Joe Biden earned a loud laugh from the audience at a Democratic fundraiser in New York City with a comment about Donald Trump’s golf game.

Late-night TV host Stephen Colbert, who was comparing Thursday’s event at Radio City Music Hall, teed up the joke by telling the president:

“Donald Trump, as far as we can tell, has just been trying to win a third championship at his own golf course. My question to you, sir. Can voters trust a presidential candidate who has not won a single Trump International Golf Club trophy? At long last. Sir, have you no chip-shot?”

Biden, who appeared on stage alongside former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, said he’d be “happy to play” presumptive GOP nominee Trump.

In fact, the president claimed he once challenged Trump to a round when he was Obama’s vice president.

Biden even offered Trump an advantage, he said, but on one condition.

“I told him once before when he came into the Oval [before Trump was sworn into office]. I said, ‘I’ll give you three strokes if you carry your own bag.’”

Whether or not Biden actually made the comment to Trump is unclear. But the audience lapped up the line, perhaps at the notion of golf cart aficionado Trump dragging his clubs around 18 holes.

MSNBC shared a clip of Biden’s line on Friday’s episode of “Morning Joe.”

Watch the video here:

Also, during the event, which raked in a record $25 million for Biden’s 2024 campaign, the president described his predecessor’s ideas as “a little old and out of shape.”

Colbert’s question and Biden’s witty retort stemmed from Trump last week boasting about winning the club championship trophy and senior club championship trophy at the Trump International Golf Club in Florida.

The claim drew mockery from many critics who claimed it was simply the latest in Trump’s long, long history of untruths.

Trump has “never won a championship at a course he doesn’t own and operate,” said sportswriter Rick Reilly, who has golfed with Trump and even penned a book about Trump’s underhand tactics.

“He’s played in Pebble Beach, he’s played in the Tahoe one, where there are rules and judges and cameras,” Reilly told MSNBC. “And in those, he’s never finished in the top half. So he wins when anybody who disagrees that he won is out of the club. That’s how he gets it.”

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