Twitter Burns Joe Walsh For Claiming Charlie Hebdo Never Attacks Muslims

"You know you can Google this s**t, right?" one person asked.

After the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo came out with an inflammatory cover suggesting the victims of the Houston floods were Nazi sympathizers, one right-wing talk show host came out guns-a-blazing.

Turns out, he was the one shot down.

Charlie Hebdo’s cover illustration shows Nazi saluters and Nazi flags sinking in water with the caption: “God Exists! He Drowned All The Neo-Nazis of Texas.”

When former congressman-turned-right-wing-talk show host Joe Walsh saw the picture, he immediately took to Twitter to gripe.

Charlie Hebdo’s cover may qualify as tasteless, inflammatory and inaccurate ― there’s no evidence that the death toll includes neo-Nazis, according to Newsweek ― but Walsh’s comments were equally as inaccurate.

You might remember (though Walsh obviously doesn’t) that in January 2015, terrorists killed a dozen people at Charlie Hebdo’s Paris offices because the publication printed satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.

Twitter was happy to point out his error.

One Twitter user compared a previous tweet made by Walsh to his more current one.

After Twitter helpfully reminded Walsh about Charlie Hebdo’s “insult everyone” policy, he backpedaled slightly. 

But in doing so, he stepped in it further, as Twitter once again pointed out to him.

Despite Twitter’s best efforts, Walsh continues to stick to his guns.



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