John McCain: 'Might Be Wise' For Obama To Pick Hillary Clinton For VP

WASHINGTON -- Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Wednesday that it "might be wise" for President Barack Obama to pick Hillary Clinton as his running mate given Vice President Joe Biden's penchant for saying things that sometimes land him in hot water.

"I think [Obama] might be wise to do that," McCain said during an appearance on Fox News, when asked about the prospect of Obama tapping Clinton this time around. "But that's not going to happen, obviously, for a whole variety of reasons."

In a fit of gasps and laughs, McCain said one reason it won't happen is because, "I'm not sure if I were Hillary Clinton I'd want to be on that team."

Biden, who is known for putting his foot in his mouth from time to time, sparked the ire of Republicans on Tuesday when he said during a Virginia campaign event that Mitt Romney's tax policy would put "y'all back in chains." A Romney spokeswoman blasted the remark, saying the Obama campaign had reached a “new low” while promoting “division and demonization."

Biden essentially shrugged over the matter, telling a crowd at a Wednesday campaign event that he knows he's "sometimes criticized for saying exactly what I mean. It's not going to change."

Even though it's highly unlikely that Obama would swap Biden for Clinton, McCain said it could be a good move for Clinton if she has her eye on a future White House run, which he suspects she does.

"I think her ambitions, very frankly, are for 2016," McCain said. "I'm sure that would enhance that likelihood."

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