Jules Verne Google Doodle: Logo Honors Science-Fiction Writer (PICTURES)

This Google Doodle would make Jules Verne proud.

Google is once again showing off the power of HTML 5, this time using it to honor the 183rd birthday of science-fiction writer Jules Verne. The Google logo comes complete with deep sea adventure, including treasure, divers, and all sorts of marine life.

Perhaps best known for the science-fiction classic "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea," Verne died in 1905, but not before writing about air, sea, and space travel long before they were truly conceived. He is considered by many to be the "Father of Science Fiction."

Google has had some truly creative logos in the past, including an astounding holiday logo, and this logo is a continuation of their creativity.

Scroll down for some different shots of the logo through the Google porthole, or visit Google's homepage to check out the interactive logo for yourself.

Google's Jules Verne Google Doodle:

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