Jules Verne

Basically the equivalent of dining inside the Statue of Liberty.
The future is near - oh wait, no, it's here already! Futuroscope. Lacking holograms and virtual reality. From Paris, the
"Les Machines de l'île" is a fantasy artistic project created by François Delarozière and Pierre Orefice -- a crossover dream mixing Jules Verne's invented worlds with the mechanical universe imagined by the genius of Leonardo da Vinci.
Fiction set in the future never seems to have nailed it right when the actual future rolls around.
Two of the most provocative shorts screened during CAAMfest 2015 focused on how technology has changed our lives. In a nine-minute fantasy filmed at Lighthouse Waffles and Cake in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles, director Wen Ren examined the impact of smartphones, online dating and social media on real-life interactions between human beings.
Thirty-five years ago, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad first began rolling through Disneyland's Frontierland. And while millions of theme park fans have enjoyed it since then, few folks today realize that -- if Disney's Imagineers had had their way back in the 1970s -- this thrill ride wouldn't have just been a stand-alone attraction.
Pirate films have always been popular and perhaps a few more films are still to be made, but until that point we have a virtual treasure trove of films to satisfy us.
On “Pawn Stars,” a customer brought in one of the rarest books out there: a first American edition copy of Jules Verne’s
Centered around a highly advanced humanoid alien race known as the Aurocearians, victims of a devastating blow when the titular Gods (a mercurial bunch), angry with the race's arrogant behaviors, curses them by vaporizing every female hindering any hope for breeding. So what is a cursed race to do?
Pearson is tilting the coverage of U.S. history to win approval by school boards in red states, and in doing this, allowing the most conservative school boards in the nation to determine what gets taught in New York State schools.
Some people continued to ride a horse-and-buggy after many other people switched to cars. Maybe I'm one of those late-adopter types. But at least for now, I'm sticking with print books.
From This Side of the Pond, Cambridge University Press' Blog Samuel Beckett’s letters are full of the literary names he encountered
New Yorkers read in public constantly, and we've spotted them reading plenty this summer on the way to the beach. And like
Do you read so much fiction that visiting a city almost always reminds you of certain novels?
Click here: This interview continues on my website. Hyatt. Jet Blue. Pom Wonderful. Mini. Old Navy. Sheetz. Imagine Jeff
Google has had some truly creative logos in the past, including an astounding holiday logo, and this logo is a continuation
The current film is one of the most bizarre road trip movies you will ever see. Its mixture of black-and-white archival footage
We asked you, whether by tweeting or Facebook , to tell us what books gave your weekend that little special something. From
In case you don't know, steampunk is a hobby and lifestyle that glorifies all things related to Victorian and Edwardian science fiction.