Liz Cheney Sides With Trump, GOP In Stunning Comments On Voter Suppression

The Trump-bashing lawmaker showed her allegiance to the Republican Party in an interview.

You can take the Republican out of her House leadership post, but you can’t take the politician out of the Republican.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) ― whose condemnation of Donald Trump’s election lies made her an enemy in her own party ― showed she still has an allegiance to the GOP. (Watch the video below.)

Cheney, who was purged from House leadership this month because of her Trump criticism, suggested to Axios in an interview broadcast on HBO Sunday that she did not see a cause-and-effect between the GOP’s false cries of cheating in swing states and Republican-led voter suppression measures.

“You don’t see any linkage between Donald Trump saying the election was stolen to Republicans and all these state legislatures rushing to put in place restrictive voter laws?” journalist Jonathan Swan asked.

Cheney dodged a direct response, but Swan pressed, noting it was not a coincidence that Republicans intensified their drive against voting after critical election losses. Then Cheney went full mealy-mouth:

“Everybody should want a situation and system where people who ought to be able to vote and have the right to vote can vote, and people who don’t, shouldn’t,” she said.

A reported 45 states have moved to restrict voting after key Republican defeats in the U.S. Senate and the presidency in 2020 and 2021. In some states that clamped down on voting, including Florida, Trump and other GOP candidates prevailed.

Twitter users had words for Cheney ― and they weren’t flattering.

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