Lost Your Job Due To Coronavirus? Here's What You Need To Know

Unemployment and layoffs are rampant thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's what to do if you lose work and need unemployment, health insurance and other resources.
Your lender might be willing to keep payment problems off the record even after coronavirus relief measures expire.
Don't be fooled. With all the layoffs from the coronavirus pandemic, fraud is rampant.
Don't leave money on the table in a coronavirus-related layoff. Do consider how severance impacts your taxes and unemployment insurance.
Networking during the coronavirus pandemic requires strategic tact and persistence.
Unemployment compensation is considered income, and you're responsible for paying taxes on it.
Here's where to go for help if you've lost income due to the coronavirus pandemic.
There's a strategic way to tell a hiring manager why you were laid off or furloughed because of COVID-19.
There's a compassionate way to show up for a friend who is facing unemployment during the coronavirus pandemic.
Experts share the best ways to cut expenses right now so you can keep up on bills.
Eviction moratoriums have been put in place, but they don't protect everyone.
Don't assume the IRS has your correct bank account info.
Newly unemployed people may qualify for subsidized insurance or no-cost government benefits.
Losing a job can have physical and mental health consequences.
“This virus is changing the course of our future indefinitely.”
Workers are already being asked or forced to take time off without pay because of COVID-19.
What every worker needs to know if they've lost a job because of COVID-19 — including what's in the new stimulus package.
The Trump administration is implementing new unemployment laws in a strict manner.
As coronavirus prompts more layoffs and furloughs, here's what you need to know about unemployment benefits, health insurance and more.
There's a lot of money available, even for some self-employed people -- and you may not even have to pay it back.
Looking for a new job? While many industries are enacting hiring freezes and layoffs, some are actively hiring because of COVID-19.
Here's how experts say you should handle retirement funds in light of extreme volatility caused by COVID-19.
You could get a direct payment of $1,200, depending on your income.
The coronavirus means more job interviews are being held on video chat. Don't mess it up.
This job-hunting strategy to "get your foot in the door" can backfire, career experts say.
To answer this open-ended question, you need to have a focused career story.
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