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My Concussion Almost Made Me Take My Own Life

It was like someone had switched my brain with the brain of someone wicked.

“It was like my body and my brain were unleashing every negative and harmful thought that could ever pass through someone’s mind.”

“It’s hard to fully explain to people what I am — still — going through because a concussion is not a visible injury.”

“For women, our stories tend to remain trapped within our damaged brains. Our pain does not make the headlines on SportsCenter.”

“As a student athlete, you never want to let anyone down. Your coaches, your teammates, and your family  —  you feel like everyone is counting on you to be successful.”

“I’ve been dealing with this physical and emotional pain every day for the past six months, wondering with each passing day when this nightmare will end.”

“I look back at my younger self and commend my relentless spirit, but I see the toll that those head injuries took on me, and I wonder if it was worth it.”