NRATV Host On 'Fox & Friends': Alec Baldwin's A 'Deranged Lunatic' For GOP Remarks

Dan Bongino, who said earlier this month that his entire life is about "owning the libs," criticized the actor's call to “overthrow the government" by voting.

Speaking to “Fox & Friends” Monday, NRATV host Dan Bongino called Alec Baldwin “a deranged lunatic” during a discussion about the actor’s recent call to “overthrow the government” by voting.

Host Brian Kilmeade said it was “unbelievable” that New Hampshire’s Democratic Party, which hosted the fundraising dinner where Baldwin was speaking Sunday, “thought that Alec Baldwin would have the right message.”

Bongino then said he wasn’t sure “who I am more embarrassed for, Alec Baldwin or, as you guys just said, the Democrat Party up in New Hampshire.”

“You give this guy a platform and he does that? I mean, if I were to suggest that which I never would, God forbid, on your show right now, you guys would cut this feed, rightfully so, immediately,” Bongino said.

“How is there a any lawful way to overthrow the government? Baldwin is a deranged lunatic and he’s not even that bright. Thankfully, there isn’t a lawful way to overthrow the government. There is an impeachment process, but he says we want to ... overthrow the government?” Bongino continued.

At Sunday’s fundraising dinner in Manchester, New Hampshire, Baldwin said that the “way we implement change in America is through elections ... and in that orderly and formal way, and lawful way, we need to overthrow the government of the United States under Donald Trump.”

“Let’s overthrow the government of Donald Trump peacefully, lawfully and with extreme prejudice. Let’s make America great again, by making Donald Trump a casino operator again,” said the frequent “Saturday Night Live” guest star.

After Bongino’s response, co-host Steve Doocy tried to suggest that perhaps Baldwin was “talking about people getting out to vote in somebody new.” Kilmeade and Bongino both fired back by saying they didn’t think so.

Bongino has repeatedly made aggressive comments about Democrats, saying earlier this month on NRATV that his “entire life right now is about owning the libs.”

While discussing the drama between Democrats and Republicans over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Bongino baselessly argued that Democrats didn’t even read the FBI investigation report surrounding allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh.

“That’s it. The libs, because they have shown themselves through this Kavanaugh abomination of a process to be ― I’m talking about the libs on Capitol Hill and sadly some of these radical groups ― to be pure, unadulterated evil, what they did to this guy,” Bongino said.

“You have to lose, I’m sorry. We win, you lose, the new rules are in effect. My life is all about owning the libs now. We have got to get this guy appointed on the Supreme Court,” he said.