Olivia Rodrigo Made A Very Clear Political Statement At Concert — And Twitter Loved It

The "Drivers License" singer teamed with the Missouri Abortion Fund to offer fans contraceptives at her Tuesday show.

Olivia Rodrigo demonstrated her dedication to reproductive health during her concert in St. Louis, Missouri, on Tuesday night.

During her show at the Enterprise Center, Rodrigo teamed with the Missouri Abortion Fund to offer fans emergency contraceptive pills, condoms and information about accessing and defending abortion care in the Show Me State.

It was a bold move for the former Disney star, as Missouri has some of the harshest laws in the nation concerning abortion.

The state’s abortion bans offer very limited exemptions for medical emergencies only. Last month, Republicans in the state moved to block proposed exemptions for cases of rape and incest.

The Missouri Abortion Fund retweeted one fan’s photo from Tuesday’s concert.

“It’s brutal out here in Missouri, but we are here for abortion access and hand out Plan B,” the tweet read. (The pills were actually provided by the brand Julie, not the specific brand Plan B.) The tweet included a shoutout to Right By You, a Missouri text helpline that directs people to abortion resources.

Included with the contraceptives were leaflets highlighting ways to help protect abortion rights.

Referencing the track “Bad Idea Right?” off of Rodrigo’s sophomore album “Guts,” the flyers said: “Funding abortion? It’s a good idea, right?”

Online, most reacted with major praise.

Rodrigo even racked up a few new fans.

However, while many people said the move made them love the “All-American Bitch” singer more than ever, there was criticism from anti-abortion advocates who accused her of glorifying abortion care.

But Rodrigo lovers stepped in to correct misinformation, reminding people that the morning-after pill only delays or prevents the fertilization of an egg, and is not an abortion method.

Tuesday night’s handouts were part of the star’s Fund 4 Good initiative. The program, announced last month, promises to provide fans with access to reproductive health during Rodrigo’s tour stops.

The brand Julie says it aims to replace the “stigma and shame” commonly associated with emergency contraceptives.

In a statement celebrating its partnership with Rodrigo, Julie said: “We’re thankful for artists like Olivia Rodrigo and initiatives like the Missouri Abortion Fund who share our mission.”

See some of the conversation that Rodrigo sparked below:

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story misidentified the brand of contraceptives distributed at Rodrigo’s concert. The brand is Julie, not Plan B. The story also misidentified the album on which “Bad Idea Right?” appears.

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