9 Places You Absolutely, Positively Must See Before You Die

9 Places You Absolutely, Positively Must See Before You Die
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View On BlackSome of the bungalows at the Thalasso Spa on Bora Bora with Mount Otemanu in the background.

In honor of the Huffington Post's 9th birthday today, we're looking at "9 Places You Absolutely, Positively Must See Before You Die."

Almost everyone's familiar with the perennial guide to iconic travel destinations, "1,000 Places To See Before You Die." With its emphasis on experiences, the book includes everything from the Sahara Desert to Machu Picchu. No doubt most folks have drafted at least a mental bucket list by the time they reach 50 -- and most include places people want to visit in their lifetime. We asked our Facebook fans what spots they absolutely, positively must see before they die and here's what they had to say. Have anything to add? Let us know in comments.

1. Bora Bora
bora bora
"I want to stay in one of the over-the-water huts. That would be so wonderful!!!!" said Mary DeBoer-Payne.

2. Denmark
"I want to go there because it's beautiful and progressive," said Michele Bence.

3. Italy
"I want to go because it is where my family is from (all four grandparents were born and raised there) and it's a gorgeous country with a rich history," said Vikki Nicometo.

4. Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom
"According to Ancestry.com, 97 percent of my DNA can be traced to the United Kingdom. Ancestors on both sides of my family came from Scotland, and England. Also Ireland," said Janice Hobbs.

5. Santorini, Greece
"I'd love to see the sights and indulge in the culture!" said Chris Wheeler.

6. Lebanon
"This is where my grandparents were born. My parents never had a chance to go before they passed away so it is my dream to walk where my roots are," said Susan Latuga.

7. London
"I love all things British and the history is fascinating. Want to see the castles and soak in the atmosphere," said Linda Forbes.

8. Guadeloupe
island of guadaloupe
"I dated someone from there and fell in love with his French. Plus, it's an island and I'm an island/coastal type of person," said Malaika Hybrid.

9. Hawaii

"People tell me it's the prettiest state in the country so I want to see it. I want to see the volcanoes and the beaches. I want to try surfing. How about that?" said Peter Gaines.

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