Randall Park Of 'Always Be My Maybe' Was In A Hip-Hop Group Called 'Ill Again'

And it was pretty dope.

Call him an MC.

In an interview with Manny the Movie Guy posted earlier this week, actors Randall Park and Ali Wong reminisced about the days when Park rapped as part of the hip-hop group “Ill Again.” Apparently, the crew was pretty lit.

“Back in the day, Ali would come to the shows,” Park, a longtime friend of Wong’s, revealed.

Park has previously told HuffPost that Wong was a member of the Asian American theater group he co-founded at UCLA. Their friendship goes way back, as the pair have “done stand-up comedy together. We’ve done improv together and we’ve always talked about writing a movie together,” he said.

Speaking to Manny the Movie Guy, Wong said she went on a first date to one of Park’s hip-hop shows. “Ill Again” concerts definitely helped make sparks fly.

“Many relationships were formed at ‘Ill Again’ shows,” Wong said.

She added that the premiere of “Always Be My Maybe,” the new Netflix movie starring and co-written by Wong and Park, felt like a throwback to the “Ill Again” era, with many familiar faces from their college days in attendance.

Park has talked about his band of “rap nerds” on “The Late Late Show With James Corden.” He revealed then that his rap name was actually “Randruff.”

Park’s crew really wasn’t half bad. In a music video for their song “Next,” Park can be spotted rocking a bucket hat in true ’90s hip-hop fashion.

The actor also flaunted his skills as he spit some bars in a rap battle against James Van Der Beek on show “Drop the Mic.” TBH, Park absolutely killed Van Der Beek.