hip-hop music

Michael Adams, 27, allegedly killed Elijah Al-Amin, 17, because the music made him feel "unsafe."
Host Jimmy Fallon was floored by the hip-hop star's improv in a game of "Wheel of Freestyle."
Killer Mike, Chance the Rapper and music scholars urged the Supreme Court to appeal Jamal Knox's sentencing over his song "F**k the Police."
"Roxanne, Roxanne" is the grating, intersectional story of abuse we need.
Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) saluted Lauryn Hill, Lil' Kim and others.
None of our language seems to capture the president-elect's ability to assemble a collection of falsehoods into a grandiose whole. But there is, in fact, a word for it. We need Nietzsche and hip-hop to help get us there.
This album is the thing that religion nerd dreams are made of: A complex telling of how one navigates a black body and makes meaning. In this case the foundation is the black Christian church.
Hip-hop music becomes the perfect storytelling device throughout the grim story.
"The first thing that comes out of another man's mouth in our culture when you are trying to humiliate somebody or diss them, you call them gay, you call them soft, you call them a sissy, you call them a punk, these are the words, it's like the biggest disrespect."
The 1970s “Hoe Avenue Peace Meeting” in New York marked a major event in the beginning of hip-hop history. Afrika Bambaataa
Fans of pop music know that it has undergone some pretty dramatic changes in recent decades, and one musical genre seems
Imagine Billy Joel, the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, and Led Zeppelin embarking on a 32-city tour together. Picture the
Kimper and Middleton are hoping to present the new research at a conference in the next year or so. "My research found that
Pryor's legacy -- his brilliance, his contradictions and ultimate tragedy -- lingers in the shadows of Chris Rock's Top Five. He is referenced outright by Rock's character Andre Allen during a conversation about comedy's greats. But the allusions to Pryor go deeper.
While there are still some remaining musical gems, there is too much talent out there for us to be forced to listen to garbage more often than not. The radio should be riddled with forceful rhymes, instead it's bass-filled beats to stifle the lack of skill on every track.