Sean Hannity Blames Hate Attack Against Elderly Asian Woman On 'Defunding The Police'

The conservative host's radio rant took fearmongering to new lows.

Sean Hannity on Thursday blamed a suspected hate attack against an elderly Asian woman on “defunding the police.” (Listen to the clip below.)

The conservative host started a segment on his radio show by ranting against all things Democratic.

“If you like the United Socialist Utopia of California and you like the United Socialist Utopia that is New York, well, that’s what Joe Biden wants for America,” Hannity said. “That’s what Kamala Harris wants. That’s what Nancy Pelosi wants, that’s what Schumer wants, that’s what every Democrat there wants. That’s what AOC wants.”

He criticized Biden’s border stance and then pivoted to talking about the vicious assault, which was caught on camera in New York City. A 65-year-old Asian woman was violently kicked and stomped on by a man who shouted slurs at her. The man, once convicted of killing his mother, has been charged with felony assault as a hate crime.

The attack was among the latest in a wave of anti-Asian violence in the United States. Hannity appeared to frame the incident as a product of police reform.

“You want to know what defunding the police looks like? Look at New York,” Hannity said. “Look at what happened to this, what, 65-year-old woman. I don’t even know how she managed to survive it, with the kicking in the head as she tried to make her way to church, I read. The guy beats up his mom ... and kills his mom ― that’s the guy that beat that woman.”

Last week, the Fox News host and his guest, Dan Bongino, tried to tie the death of a police officer in a Colorado supermarket shooting to Black Lives Matter protests and “the defund the police crowd.”

On Thursday night, Hannity continued his usual criticism of the Biden administration and prominent Democrats:

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