Sean Hannity, Dan Bongino Use Colorado Shooting To Slam BLM Protests

The Fox News host and his reactionary guest went off on an asinine tangent rather than mourning a police officer's death in the Boulder massacre.

The mass shooting that killed 10 people, including a police officer, at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, on Monday prompted Fox News host Sean Hannity to rant against Black Lives Matter.

Wait, what?

If you find that ridiculous, wait until you actually hear Hannity attempt to make the stupefying connection with guest Dan Bongino in the video below. Bongino is the guy who’s basically replacing the late Rush Limbaugh on the radio.

Hannity noted the “horrific shooting” and pivoted to an incendiary diatribe against last summer’s protests for justice.

“They’re not riots, we were told all summer to over 2,500 cops injured. But these are the cops that go put themselves in harm’s way. And in this case we lost one tonight,” the prime time personality said.

Bongino, a former cop and Secret Service agent, replied: “Yeah, Sean, don’t forget with this defund the police crowd, that wasn’t a social worker who walked in there.”

Deaths from gun violence were up last year during the pandemic by more than 4,000 over the previous year, according to the nonprofit research group Gun Violence Archive.

Authorities haven’t commented on the supermarket killer’s motive. Boulder police Officer Eric Talley, 51, was among those gunned down. He was one of the first officers on the scene.

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