Sean Hannity Warns Iran: End Hostility Or Donald Trump Will ‘Bomb The Hell Out Of' You

The Trump-supporting Fox News host sent a message to Iran's leaders to de-escalate or "feel pain."

Fox NewsSean Hannity on Thursday night urged the leaders of Iran to “end this hostility” with the U.S. or “feel pain, I predict, like never before.”

Hannity’s warning came amid a dramatic escalation in tensions between the two countries after Iran shot down an unmanned American spy drone near the country’s coastline Thursday and was blamed by the U.S. for last week’s attacks on two oil tankers.

The New York Times reported late Thursday that Trump authorized military strikes against Iran in retaliation, but the mission was later canceled. 

Hannity, a staunch defender of the president who enjoys a chummy relationship with him, noted Trump said “clearly during the campaign” that he “does not want war” and was “not interested” in “another, you know, years and years long international entanglement.”

Hannity hoped Iran’s leaders were “smart enough to take the opportunity” to de-escalate the situation, he added. “Because if they don’t, the president will have no choice. He will bomb the hell out of them. No need for a long, protracted boots-on-the-ground kind of war.”

“We have the greatest military, thank God, on the face of this earth,” continued Hannity, whose prime time show is the widely watched conservative cable network’s most popular.

“We have the most advanced weapon systems, and a strong message needs to be sent, that a huge price will be paid if you take on the United States of America,” he added. “Simple. Peace through strength, and it works.” 

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