Stephen Colbert Flattens Anti-Vax Aaron Rodgers With Omicron 1-Liner

The Green Bay Packers quarterback was on the receiving end of a brief but brutal ding from "The Late Show" comedian.

Stephen Colbert burned Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers with a brutal line about the concerning new COVID-19 variant on Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Show.”

“Omicron does appear to be evading vaccines. It’s a scientific phenomenon known as Aaron Rodgers,” the comedian cracked, acknowledging that “no one knows for sure” what protection existing vaccines may offer against the variant. Scientists say it will take a couple of weeks at least to find out.

Rodgers drew ire in November when he tested positive for COVID-19 and admitted he wasn’t vaccinated against the disease, despite previously indicating he was. He then spread wild coronavirus claims when challenged over his deception.

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