Stephen King: Rick Scott Could Star In My Next Horror Novel (VIDEO)

Acclaimed novelist Stephen King may have just found a new muse for his next horror book -- Florida Governor Rick Scott.

King, who owns a house on the Sunshine State's Casey Key, popped up at a Florida rally against the governor's budget proposals Tuesday and joked to the crowd that his "next horror novel could star Rick Scott."

During his speech, King pushed for the government to stand up for unions and veterans. King also took particular issue with Gov. Scott's continued refusal to accept federal funds to develop a high-speed rail system in the state.

High-speed rail is "probably a bad deal - considering how low the price of gas is," King said, sarcastically.

Mediaite notes that he also talked about increasing taxes for the rich, including himself:

“Now, you might say, ‘What are you doing up there? Aren’t you rich?’ The answer is, ‘Thank God, yes.’

And you know what? As a rich person, I pay 28% taxes. What I want to ask you is, why don’t I pay 50%? Why is everybody in my bracket not paying 50%? The Republicans will say, from John Boehner to Mitch McConnell to Rick Scott, that we can’t do that because, if we tax guys like me, there won’t be any jobs. It’s bull! It’s total bull!”

As The Hill points out:

The event was one of several "Awake the State" rallies conducted during the evening across Florida ahead of Scott's first State of the State address to lawmakers in Tallahassee.