The Clintons' Media Payback List: Drudge, Purdum, Olbermann, Matthews (And All Of MSNBC)

The New York Times' Marc Liebovich reports that the Clinton camp keeps a list of those who have been loyal and those who have not. The list is reportedly managed by Doug Band — recently referred to as Bill Clinton's "butt boy" in Todd Purdum's Vanity Fair article on the former President. Liebovich writes:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was gracious in her full-throated endorsement of Senator Barack Obama. But that does not mean all is forgiven by others in the Clinton universe.

For proof, look no further than Doug Band, chief gatekeeper to former President Bill Clinton.

Mr. Band keeps close track of the past allies and beneficiaries of the Clintons who supported Mr. Obama's campaign, three Clinton associates and campaign officials said. Indeed, he is widely known as a member of the Clinton inner circle whose memory is particularly acute on the matter of who has been there for the couple -- and who has not.

According to Liebovich, at least four big media names are on the Clintons' list of those who have not been supportive of either Bill or Hillary:

The news media have already focused on some list entries, including the online gossip purveyor Matt Drudge (who had the nerve to show up at Mrs. Clinton's departure speech on Saturday), Todd S. Purdum of Vanity Fair (the author of a recent profile of Mr. Clinton) and the cable network MSNBC (whose hosts Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann are charter list members, Clinton associates said).

Bill Clinton was recently caught on tape calling Purdum a "sleazy" "slimy" "scumbag" for Purdum's article on him in this month's Vanity Fair. Drudge has long been seen as anti-Clinton, ever since he broke the story of the Monica Lewinsky affair.

The Clintons and MSNBC — Matthews, Olbermann, and correspondent David Shuster in particular — have had a rocky campaign season, to say the least. Olbermann recently suggested that someone take Hillary into a room and beat her up, Matthews was forced to apologize to the Clintons earlier this year for making what many perceived to be sexist comments, and Shuster was the center of controversy after alleging that the Clintons had "pimped out" their daughter Chelsea.