"The TRUMPet shall sound": the mourning after...

"The trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed" is part of Handels' Messiah and raises hopes of the resurrection. The text comes from the first letter of St Paul to the Corinthians. This Wednesday, we woke up to a profound nightmare.
The mourning of our hopes for a fairer and better world
Our hopes were dashed, our expectations of a safer and more human world were destroyed by a man who has inspired hatred, racism, revenge, sexism and bullying during one year of an almost unbearable campaign. Stunned, sad but mostly profoundly hurt by this incarnation of the lowest instincts of an American: hurt that he would be elected but also to discover that half the voters were willing to support that man.
We now need to take the time to mourn. All the noise that the media who have made the mere existence of that candidate over the past two days are not helpful. The great explanation of their commentators and intellectuals cannot cover that sad reality: we are entering a phase of regression of America at a time when its leadership was indispensable.
Don't lecture us. We lost an important hope and need time to process an image of our country that we now need to accept and recognize, but more important cope with in our lives.
The man is dangerous: he has no respect for people and institutions
Everybody who ever dealt with Donald trump know how dangerous the man is. He has no business ethic, no teamwork experience and throughout this campaign was only turning to individuals who were in charge of constantly reassuring his ego. He has never worked with peers or superiors, only with slaves and valets. He will expect that his throne will provide this constant reassurance to his narcissism. One third of the white men did hate him.
He is unpredictable and his word is only worth anything for the few minutes or hours that he has pronounced them. To him, a reminder of a commitment will only be an attaint to his freedom. It is unbearable to his ego. Whatever has been said in the last two days, this is a reality we will have to accept. Americans have put at their helm a gravely sick man.
The power that he will have, even curbed by the institutions, is going to be substantial. We should not dream: he will do a lot of damage to his country and the world. At the basis, he does not trust or respect human beings. They are his tools and his objects. That is what the Republican Party became: his puppet.
The woman was neither trustworthy nor authentic
The ambition of Hillary Clinton was not less impressive. She had managed, with the help of Bill Clinton, to kidnap the Democratic Party at her service. Her failure is also a lesson.
She won the popular vote, but according to recent estimates, her lead of woman votes was not superior to Barack Obama's. She built a campaign about her historical breakthrough as America's first woman president, surrounding herself with a court of believers, mostly women. She forgot one basic principle: women know women better than men and cannot be fooled. They immediately smell lack of authenticity. She thought that women would be compelled to vote for another woman: 40% of them voted for Trump, despite rape, groping, disparaging and sexual abuse.
Her campaign started and finished with the same fear: she sent her campaign head to talk. She did not even think she needed to talk to her thousands of militants assembled at the Jarvis Hall in New York to thank them. He was the chief of staff of her husband.
From the beginning she carried the entitlement philosophy of the Clintons. She thought she could be non-transparent at times of social medias, she believed nobody would blame her for her personal server and her connection as Secretary of State with the millions of lobbying fees paid to the Clinton Foundation were a due.
Containing the TRUMPet
We know what to expect and the characters and the plot are right in front of us. We have at the helm of the largest power in the world a narcissistic individual motivated by his own glory.
Will the institutions pay their role? He will corner the Supreme Court. He will have around himself a club of mostly incompetent friends. He expects that the House and the Senate will run for him. The only hope we have is that they will play the role that our founding fathers have designed for them: to be the parliamentarian and judicial counterweight to the executive branch.
It is too early to say whether it will be the case. Here is Handel's heavenly trumpet.