Tiny Shark Bites Man In The Cutest Attack Ever (VIDEO)

Most people have an irrational fear of being attacked by a shark. They imagine a massive, dark toothy monster looming below, waiting for its chance to rush toward its victim and take them out with one powerful bite, à la Jaws.

This isn't that kind of shark attack.

Apparently, some guy named Carlos shared an extra special moment with a tiny but fierce predator. While it's not clear how the little guy first introduced himself to Carlos, he was probably either a little curious or a little hungry because he very clearly went in for a nice, strong bite.

Obviously, Carlos wasn't amused but, boy, did that little shark put up a fight!

Once the shark was finally removed, everyone had a good laugh, Carlos showed off his new badge of honor and the Internet did one collective, "Awwwww, how cute!"



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