Trevor Noah Says Trump Reminds Him Of An African Dictator

The "Commander in Beef" asked his own employees to defend him after he was accused of pitching a fit, the "Daily Show" host pointed out.

President Donald Trump does one thing that impresses Trevor Noah. “He is truly the king of political theater,” Noah said on “The Daily Show.”

Noah found it hugely amusing to watch the “Commander in Beef” single out his employees at a press conference on Thursday when he announced $16 billion in subsidies to help farmers weather his trade war. He asked each of them if they thought he had been calm at a meeting on Wednesday in which Democrats accused him of throwing a “temper tantrum.”

(Even other participants in the press conference chuckled on camera about the interaction.)

Not only was it hilariously unconvincing that Trump hadn’t pre-arranged this casual grilling of his presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and White House strategic communications adviser Mercedes Schlapp — but it was absurd to think his employees would do anything but defend them, Noah noted. Each of the women responded that Trump had been “very calm.”

Noah said the situation reminded him of African dictators who ask their own soldiers to either defend them against claims of atrocities or face a beating.

Check out Noah’s comparison in the video above, and find out how Pelosi is acting more and more like a “black auntie,” according to Noah.

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