Trump Calling Everything Unfair Shows Just How Profoundly Privileged He Is

He's been pirouetting for decades in his golden bubble, grousing and grumbling over anything that doesn't go his way.

Think about this for a second: when was the last time you earnestly exclaimed that something was unfair? If you’re over the age of eight, it’s probably been quite some time; you likely can’t even remember. You know why that is? Well, at some point in your life, likely in elementary school, you were taught, or you realized on your own that life isn’t always fair and complaining about it does little to change that fact, or improve your situation. You start to grasp the way the world works, the ebbs and flows of it all. Sometimes things go your way, sometimes they don’t.

Donald Trump, a 70-year-old man, and the current leader of the free world, never learned that lesson—he uses the word constantly. And when he does, it’s always about himself. He never describes the plight of the economically, socially or racially disenfranchised as unfair. His usage is always centered around how unfair SNL, or Fox News, or CNN, or protesters, or the RNC, or our executive branch, or the New York Times, or Nordstrom treats him (and in one case, his daughter.)

Here’s a montage of Trump using the word 20 times while campaigning.

And here are 22 tweets:

Life is chaotic, and actions have consequences; these are basic tenets of human existence. Like, let’s take this random example I just thought of off the top of my head: say, I don’t know, say you started a clothing line and then your father runs for president and you play a large role in his campaign and his presidency. And during the campaign and presidency he alienates and directly insults large swaths of people leading to a serious boycott of a massive department store (like, maybe Nordstrom or something) over selling and thus supporting your brand. And so Nordstrom decides not to carry your brand anymore.

That isn’t unfair ― that’s logical. That’s capitalism. When your brand sours, people will not buy it anymore.

You know what isn’t fair? That there are designers who grow up poor or even middle-class who will have to work 10,000x as hard and be 1,000,000x as talented to create a clothing line, have their clothing made, and marketed, and get it in one of the largest department stores on the planet.

The irony of a white man, born with a silver spoon surgically grafted to his tongue, continually whining about things being unfair is enough for me to believe that we are officially living within a dystopian satire. Trump’s continual use of this word speaks volumes as to how charmed his life has been. He’s been pirouetting for decades in his golden bubble, grousing and grumbling over anything that doesn’t go his way. He thinks adversity is haggling with a contractor over tiles on a casino floor. His hardships are defined by failed business ventures that did little to dent his net worth.

He’s a stunted, whiny rich kid who never grew up. He’s also our president.

If you lined up all of the coal miners Trump exploited and counted up the times they complained about their lives being unfair, you’d have significantly less than a week or so of Trump tweets.

Originally published on TheOvergrown.