Trump Plans To Restrict His Use Of Twitter To Benefit Truth Social

The former president has agreed to a partial six-hour delay in using other social media sites in a bid to prioritize his fledgling app, according to a new federal securities filing.

Former President Donald Trump plans to partially restrict his use of Twitter if allowed back on the social media site and will instead prioritize using his fledgling social media app, Truth Social, according to a new federal securities filing.

Trump has agreed that if he wants to post something on social media — anything unrelated to politics, that is — he will first post it on Truth Social. He will then wait six hours before sharing that same post on any other social media site, such as Twitter, according to Monday’s filing.

One caveat to this rule is the content. The filing states that he can make a post to a personal account on any social media site he has access to at any time so long as it’s “related to political messaging, political fundraising or get-out-the-vote efforts.”

The filing was made by Digital World Acquisition Corp., which is working to take Truth Social public following the app’s soft launch in February.

Trump was banned from Twitter and Facebook in January 2021 — though Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has made moves to buy Twitter, has said that he would allow Trump back on the site if he takes over.

Whether that happens, and Trump also agrees to return to Twitter, remains to be seen. Trump last month said that he would not return to Twitter if allowed back on but he’s known to go back on his word.

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