Tucker Carlson: Transgender People Threaten 'Perpetuation Of The Species'

The Fox News personality ran with a suggestion by guest Wilfred Reilly, who cited a rise in people identifying as transgender.

As dozens of GOP-led states target transgender people with proposals limiting health care and youth sports participation, Fox News host Tucker Carlson added more transphobic talk to the conversation on Wednesday. (Watch the video below.)

Guest Wilfred Reilly, a Kentucky State University political science professor and author of “Hate Crime Hoax: How The Left Is Selling a Fake Race War,” claimed there’s an increase in people identifying as transgender on Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today.” Reilly said more women are now changing gender.

“These questions are very tough to discuss, but they’re serious questions,” Reilly said. “I mean, is society self-sustaining to some extent if 30% of men simply aren’t willing or able to sleep with women, if another 2 or 3% of in particular young women want to modify their bodies so they cannot in many or most cases have children ― I mean that’s something that’s an issue almost at the structural level. And you might ask why? Why is that going on? It’s something that at the very least needs research.”

“It’s a challenge to the perpetuation of the species is what you’re saying,” Carlson responded.

“If both trends increase, yes,” Reilly answered.

“That’s right, and so it’s hard to think of anything more profound than that,” Carlson said, per Media Matters.

The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law estimates that 1.4 million U.S. adults identify as transgender ― nowhere near what Reilly suggested. Nearly 2% of high school students identified as transgender in a 2019 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey.

Fox News, which broadcasts Carlson’s prime-time show, has filled its airwaves with programs in which hosts and guests have obsessed about LGBTQ rights since President Joe Biden took office promoting equality, according to a report.

On Tuesday, GOP Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson rebuffed Carlson’s claim that his veto of a bill restricting health care for transgender people was “pro-choice on the question of chemical castration.” The Republican-led Arkansas legislature overrode Hutchinson’s veto, making the anti-trans bill law.

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