Perpetually Cold People Told Us About The Holiday Gifts They Actually Want

If you know someone who’s always turning up the heat, these gifts will help them stay warm and toasty.
A pair of convertible mittens, an Ember smart mug and a pair of Ugg slippers.
A pair of convertible mittens, an Ember smart mug and a pair of Ugg slippers.

Like my father before me, I am one of those people who is perpetually cold. From autumn’s first crisp evening until the arrival of summer heat, I am chilled down to my bones. So when it comes to my holiday gift wishlist, I am always hoping to score items that will keep me cozy and warm, even on the most frigid of winter nights.

After consulting with other oft-chilly people, I’ve compiled a list of the very best holiday gifts to help bring warmth and light to our lives during the coldest of seasons. These items include old-fashioned hot water bottles, the softest faux fur blankets around, toasty slippers, a sweet scarf and more.

All of these will be universally beloved by recipients this holiday season and beyond. Pick one up for your loved ones who are also terminally afflicted with the shivers; they’ll think fondly of you every time they use it all season long.

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Uniqlo classic sweatpants
HuffPost politics reporter Liz Skalka says these are her favorite sweatpants. They're warm and super flattering on short people, which is excellent if you're on the petite side like me. Made with 100% real cotton, you can get them in a range of colors from sizes XXS–XXL.
A Fellow Stagg electric tea kettle
Both HuffPost Life editor Kristen Aiken and HuffPost senior managing editor Paige Lavender are lusting after a Fellow electric kettle — specifically, for Aiken, the one with the maple handle. This graceful and elegant gooseneck kettle is just too chic. The sleek, pointed spout gives you a very precise stream and flow, making it perfect for everything from tea to pour-over coffee. It has an LCD screen so you can set your desired temperature as well as a stopwatch. Get it in one of six colors.
A SereneLife towel and blanket warmer
Aiken has also been eyeing a towel and blanket warmer. Called a game-changing“affordable luxury” by reviewers, it can make towels deliciously warm so you can wrap yourself in a cozy sheath after your shower or bath. It's very user-friendly, with a built-in timer that has options for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes of heating time, and an automatic shut-off feature. It’s designed to be compact and lightweight, so it’ll fit easily in small spaces and won’t be too heavy to move around if needed.
A pair of Ugg Scuffette II slippers
HuffPost reporter Jillian Willson acknowledges that these classics aren't cheap, but says that "Ugg slippers are the warmest, fuzziest slippers I have ever worn. They're the best gift because they do feel a little decadent and I wouldn't just buy myself a pair on a normal day!" You can get them in a few different colors in women's sizes 5–12. HuffPost News editor Lilli Peterson also noted that "Uggs are the only 'slippers' I've ever worn that keep my feet fully toasty without getting sweaty," and several other HuffPosters agreed with this sentiment.
Free People
Free People Alli v-neck sweater
“As someone who is constantly cold, this Free People sweater has been a staple for me,” said HuffPost senior editor Lindsay Holmes. “I wear it as a pullover over a T-shirt and I wear it on its own... It's oversized, the perfect weight and super cozy. (Most importantly, not itchy)." It's available in five colors in sizes XS–XL.
An Ember temperature control mug
This sleek smart mug will keep your loved one's drink nice and warm all day long, so they won't have to keep sticking it in the microwave. They can control it with an app to customize their drink's heat exactly, or this smart gadget will remember their preferred temperature from their last drink and defer to that temp. It auto-turns off after two hours without activity and is designed to resist scratches. It's available in two sizes and multiple colors.
A Mr. Coffee mug warmer
This cutie is ideal for a tea or coffee lover but at a lower price point than the Ember. This warmer from Mr. Coffee can be used with any mug. Petersen considers it one of the best little gifts she's ever received. It's easy to transport and clean and has an on/off switch with an indicator light and long power cord. Doesn't get much better than that.

Anthropolgie's Sophie faux fur blanket
This isn't the first time we've raved about this cult-favorite blanket from Anthropologie. It is owned by HuffPost’sdirector of office services, Greta Geiselman, who reports that is "slightly weighted," which "adds to the plush therapy of it all.” Available in 11 gorgeous colors, including those of both a candy and neutral variety, this dreamy and delightful 60-inch by 70-inch blanket is made free from harmful substances.
L.L. Bean
Some L.L. Bean Wicked Good men's slippers
Available in men's sizes 7–14, these dreamy, moccasin-style slippers are iconic and perfect for the cozy man in your life. Made with ultra-soft shearling, they'll be treasured for seasons to come.
J.Crew cashmere socks
I live for these cashmere trouser socks at J.Crew and am constantly stocking up. They are softer and warmer than any other brand that I've tried, but never make my feet feel sweaty, overheated or like they're being strangled. They're available in a range of colors and look good on every occasion. They're a lovely little stocking stuffer that will be greatly appreciated all season long.
TrailHeads convertible mittens
HuffPost Personal editor Noah Michelson loves convertible mittens. He explained that "they keep your hands toastier than gloves and instantly allow you the dexterity you need to use your phone (or do any number of other things) without fully removing them. This pair offers the bonus of a convertible thumb, too, which comes in extra handy (no pun intended)." These gloves have hidden magnets to hold the thumb flaps in place when you're not using them so that they don't get in your way.
Urban Outfitters
The Urban Outfitters Nylon Marshmallow Puff throw blanket
Alexandra Niforos, HuffPost's operations associate, has been coveting this delightfully puffy blanket since spotting it at Urban Outfitters. The cute puffy-stitch detailing adds to the overall coziness of it, making it as visually appealing as it is a dream to snuggle up in. It'd make a great accent piece and adds a fun pop of color to a room.
An under-desk treadmill
This splurge-worthy and compact treadmill can get your pal moving while working from home, keeping their heart rate up and warming their cold bones on even the coldest days. The Urevo walking pad offers an adjustable speed range of 0.6-4 miles per hour and has eight silicone shock absorbers within the belt to offer a more cushioned impact for your joints. Its most loved feature, however, might be that it can be folded up and stored compactly beneath a bed or even some sofas when not in use.
HotSnapZ reusable pocket warmers
Chris McGonigal, senior photo editor at HuffPost, consulted his perpetually cold wife and she told him that she loves these reusable hand warmers. They're ideal for when you need to warm up fast. All you have to do is snap them and they produce heat for up to 40 minutes. Slip them in a coat pocket or purse for a quick blast of warmth.
A hot water bottle and knit cover from Etsy
Do you know someone who loves being cozy? With a deep appreciation for all things vintage-inspired and kitsch? Who longs to be tucked away at a tiny cottage along the wind-swept cliffs of Ireland? Then they need an adorable kitted lambswool hot water bottle cover with a fox design from Etsy seller PachamamaWoollies. It's the cutest, most foolproof way to keep warm. it includes both the old-timey hot water bottle that holds two liters of water and the cozy winter warmer.
A J.Crew cashmere crewneck sweater
Every year without fail, my perpetually frozen father (he wears jackets indoors year-round) asks for a new cashmere sweater. These crewnecks from J.Crew are the perfect holiday gift. They are availble in a wide range of colors and patterns in sizes XS–XXL in classic and tall silhouettes. The fabric is super soft and warming, while the cut looks good on every body. It's the perfect winter layering staple.
Bombas Sherpa-Lined Gripper slipper booties
Keep mom's toes nice and toasty all winter long with these hybrid slipper socks. They're insanely comfy and cute, thanks to the cushy cable knit design and fuzzy lining, while the grippers help to keep you steady on your feet. They're available in three different colors in women's sizes XS-L.
Some Nike ACG Polartec Wolf Tree pants
Senior editor Janie Campbell recommended these splurge-y soft fleece pants from Nike. She pointed out that they're ultra-warm and toasty, but don't give you the dreaded swamp-ass that can come from overheating. Consider them your own personal temperature control. You can get them in a range of colors in both men's and women's sizing.
An Everlane merino wool beanie
Stepping outside without a hat is not an option for me when it's cold out, and a good wool beanie makes a big difference in my comfort level. This merino wool option from Everlane is as chic as it is warm and comfortable. It's available in three colors and is sure to become a staple in your recipients' winter wardrobe this year and beyond.
A Quince Mongolian cashmere scarf
I like to keep it simple during the cold season and stick to staples that I know will keep me warm no matter what. This scarf from Quince has been in my winter rotation for a couple of seasons now, and I love to gift it to other cold folks. It's available in seven different colors and at a lower price point than you can traditionally find cashmere scarves.
An Eddie Bauer cotton flannel sheet set
Available in twin, full, king and queen sizes in a range of festive seasonal patterns, these flannel sheet sets are as sweet as they are toasty warm. Aiken can't recommend them enough. They'd be a great treat for someone who loves to spend winter huddled up in bed.
Fleece-lined leggings with pockets
Campbell has been living in these toasty fleece-lined leggings. She wears them around the house while working and recommends them for all homebodies. They're available in 11 colors in sizes XS–3XL.

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